What Else Were the San Bernardino Attackers Planning?

Was a local high school the target of San Bernardino terrorists Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik? That’s just one of the questions on authorities’ minds, according to sources close to the investigation, who say Farook’s cell phone has revealed numerous photos of Carter High School in Rialto.

“We are cooperating with the FBI as well as local law enforcement ,” Rialto Unified spokeswoman Syeda Jafri said last week.

Farook had access to a number of schools, including Cater, due to his work as a health inspector for San Bernardino County. In fact, his signature—since covered up—accompanies the letter grade ratings for the school’s food facilities. As a precaution, bomb-sniffing canines were brought to the high school, as well as 10 other campuses that Farook had access to. Nothing abnormal was found and the sites were cleared.

In addition to questions over a possible school attack, investigators began combing Seccombe Lake in San Bernardino Thursday after receiving a tip that the couple was seen in the area the day of the massacre. The investigators were looking for digital evidence that the two may have left behind which could allude to plans for a larger plot.

Whatever their intended targets may have been, authorities feel certain that the two had bigger plans up their sleeves. Sources say the FBI also believes that Farook had planned an assault back in 2012, but got wet feet after the arrest of three men connected to a terror cell in Chino. Whether Farook had any connections to these men is also the subject of current investigation.

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