San Diego County: SeaWorld Files Suit against California over Orca Breeding Ban

Last week’s filing in San Diego County Superior Court took aim at the California Coastal Commission and its decision to not permit breeding of Orca Whales for a new SeaWorld expansion called “Blue World.”

While the commission had endorsed the orca tank expansion, it included a ban on both breeding and prohibitions on the sale, trade, or transfer of the whales. Apparently this would leave the park with its existing pod of whales to spread across existing tanks and the new expansion.

The park calls the conditions “unprecedented” and argued the following in a statement. "All of SeaWorld's activities with respect to the care, breeding and transportation of orcas occur onshore in the orca pools and not in the marine environment and are specifically governed by federal law." The park says that this puts them under federal law and outside of the CCC’s reach.

The ban and lawsuit comes just weeks after the San Diego park said it would end the theatrical orca shows after park visitors voiced a preference to see the animals act naturally.

Further reading on this salty issue can be found here.



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