Santa Barbara County Supes Split on Vote to Give up SB 1022 Grant

The almost $40 million grant had been intended for a transition complex in a north Santa Barbara County jail.

The complex has since been cuts from the jail plans, leading to a board of supervisors vote on whether to relinquish the grant. In the vote last night, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors split 3-2 in favor of relinquishing the grant funds back to the state.

Santa Barbara’s supervisors could not use the money for much else, as the funds were made available through SB 1022, a 2012 bill which allocated $500 million for the construction of correctional facilities across 15 counties.

Issues with Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown’s proposal led to the slashing of the plan, the board cited ongoing operational costs being the main culprit. The grant would have covered 90% of the construction costs, but no operational costs thereafter.

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