CHP Officers Led on Four-Hour 'Unicorn' Chase

California Highway Patrol officers assumed they were dealing with a prankster or an acid tripper when they received frantic reports of a "unicorn-like" animal galloping through Madera County Wednesday afternoon. But they assumed wrong. The creature turned out to be an escaped pony with a prosthetic unicorn horn who proceeded to lead the officers on a four-hour chase that caught the attention of national media.

The 600-pound Juliet is owned by Fresno photographer Sandra Boos, who dresses her up as a mythical creature for photo shoots from time to time. The pony had managed to escape twice from a shoot that day, prompting the bizarre pursuit.

Officers had to employ a helicopter with thermal imaging during the hunt. Once spotted, it also took the assistance of a fellow horse to bring Juliet out of hiding. Needless to say, Boos had some explaining to do. While officers remained good-humored about the situation, they warned the owner that she would be cited if it ever happened again.

Here's a thought: Maybe it's time to ditch the horn and let the pony be a pony again.

Read more about the chase here.

Image Credit: Flickr User rumpleteaser, via (CC BY 2.0)