Orange County KKK Group Upset over Being Lampooned

Gustavo Arellano is the man and doesn’t tolerate racist crap.

The last couple years have seen reports of Orange County’s KKK doing odd things like leaving fliers in neighborhoods with candies.

More recently though in December, the KKK held a rally in Anaheim’s Pearson Park. This Saturday they are having another one in the same park.

Enter Gustavo Arellano.

Arellano was interested in doing a story on the modern KKK of Orange County in the magazine, OC Weekly. He says the magazine prides itself on not only outing hate groups, but also “giving them the rope upon which they could lynch themselves.”

However, the piece fell apart when Arellano got word that the KKK and their boss are mad over being called "Kindergarten Playground names” by Arellano in a Martin Luther King Jr. Day piece that "tried to make the Klan out as a joke."

Casting a final comical stone, Arellano says that the offense taken is an insult to the memory of Klan founder and Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest.

You can read Gustavo Arellano’s piece here.