State Senator Drops San Diego County Supervisor Bid While Skirting Finance Rules for 2020

Now this is smooth.

State Senator Joel Anderson has his eye on a San Diego County Supervisor seat, namely the one currently occupied by Dianne Jacob.

While he was looking into prying it away from Jacob this year, he might have figured out a better plan going forward.

It starts with him dropping out of this year’s race and laying the foundation for his 2020 bid. Jacob will be termed out and Anderson will have a huge financial leg up on the rest of the field.

How huge?

He effectively has a $200,000 head start.

This is because last year, SD County Supervisors voted on limiting political party donations to supervisor campaigns to $25,000 total. One day before that limitation took effect, Anderson got a $200,000 windfall from the county’s Republican Party. Existing campaign finance rules allow candidates to transfer money between accounts bearing their name.

So that likely means that the Anderson’16 campaign account will get dumped into the Anderson’20 account.

Love it or hate it, this will be an interesting storyline to revisit in four years.

Until then, you can read more on Anderson’s skillful dodge here.



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