Union Reaches Tentative Deal with Sonoma County


This bit of NorCal drama has been ongoing for months and even led to the first strike by county workers in decades.

Pay raises and healthcare costs were the two sticking points in the negotiations between Service Employees’ International Union Local 1021 and Sonoma County.

Should the deal be ratified, Sonoma County workers will get an immediate 3% raise and a $620 one-time payment. March 2017 would see another 3% pay increase.

The county also agreed to up the dollar amount it being paid toward health plan premiums. They had previously offered a flat $500 per month regardless of the number of people on the plan. The new deal would up it $557 per month if it was just one person being covered, $1,113 per month for couples, and $1,575 per month for three or more people. The union had wanted the county to agree to covering a percentage of the health plan costs in order to keep step with inflation, but workers still lauded the progress.

The contract would last 28 months if ratified and could be ratified as soon as March 1, the next Sonoma County Board meeting.

More on the tentative deal can be found here.