Ventura County Files Manslaughter Charge over 2015 Commuter Train Derailment

The derailment took the life of train engineer Glenn William Steele and injured dozens of others.

The Ventura County DA filed the charge just two days before the statute of limitations came up for such a charge.

Jose Alejandro Sanchez-Ramirez will now face a misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charge which could land him in jail for up to a year.

An almost yearlong investigation revealed that Sanchez-Ramirez got his semi-truck stuck on the railroad tracks after mistakenly turning onto them in the early morning.

Oxnard Police Assistant Chief Jason Benites explained that there is a case to be made that "some degree of contributory negligence" on Sanchez-Ramirez’s part caused Steele’s death.

More on the charge can be found here.