Dozens Arrested After San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies Hanged in Effigy

Law enforcement personnel in San Bernardino County have arrested 27 people following a bizarre threat against several of the county’s sheriff’s deputies.

On Feb. 18, law enforcement in Twin Peaks near Lake Arrowhead responded to calls about a mannequin hanging conspicuously in a tree. The dummy turned out to be an effigy of a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputy, bearing both the deputy’s name and a bull’s eye. Later that day, another six mannequins were discovered hanging from ropes on nearby trees in similar condition. They included the names of past and current deputies, as well as a probation officer.

An investigation into the incident was immediately launched and has so far resulted in the arrest of more than two dozen people, the department announced Thursday. However, all of the arrests were on outstanding warrants or new criminal activity and none of the suspects were actually charged in connection with the hanging effigies.

The investigation into the hanging incident remains ongoing, but the suspected ringleaders have been identified as two criminals with longstanding ties to white supremacist groups. They were both arrested Saturday—one on suspicion of child cruelty and another for allegedly threatening a police officer.

Read more about the recent arrests here.

Image Credit: Flickr User bdearth, via (CC BY 2.0)