Mystery Machine Evades Authorities in NorCal Chase

For now, she has gotten away with it, despite those meddling kids … and various NorCal law enforcement agencies.

A Shasta County woman gave us a laugh when we found that she engaged authorities in a high speed chase driving a minivan with a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine paint job. The woman fled, presumably, because of parole violations.

The chase started in the streets of Shasta, California and progressed through two communities faster than a Scooby Doo montage.

After going through Redding and south toward Anderson, a CHP chopper found her ditching the mystery machine in northwestern Tehama County. She did however, evade authorities in the end.

Looks like we got ourselves a mystery! Also, how did she get the Mystery Machine over 100 mph?

More on the NorCal hijinks can be found here.

Image Credit: Flickr User drewgstephens, via (CC BY-SA 2.0)