Ventura County Hammers out Union Deal with Nurses

While the new contract, which was unanimously approved by Ventura County’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, gives county nurses new wage scales that will see most nurses a 6% rise in wages and other, more specialized nurses even more.

Ventura County supes say the new wage scales will help assuage some of the flow of nurses leaving for higher pay at private hospitals and other employers.

One of the California Nurses Association’s bargaining team said, "I'm glad they're giving something though it's definitely not enough to stop the hemorrhaging.”

The labor issue came to a boil last July when two operating rooms at Ventura County Medical Center were closed because of a shortage on surgical nurses. Surgical nurses got an average raise of about $17 an hour.

With some 93% of the union’s nurses voting in favor of ratifying the new deal, they seem keen on taking what they can get.

You can find the finer details of the new union deal here.