"American Independent" May Not Be What You Think...

More than 300,000 California voters will be surprised to find out that they may not be eligible to vote in the primary in June.

The American Independent party in California is an ultra-conservative party. But some people who checked the box were unaware and just assumed they were checking themselves as “independent” given the name.

A report by The Los Angeles Times found that more than 70 percent of registered AI voters did not know they were a part of the conservative group. The preferred affiliation for those in California who wish to file as “independent” is “no party preference.”

A large number of people, including celebrities and even elected officials have mistakenly registered with that party assuming that it meant no party preference.

Check your party affiliation here.

And register or change your party affiliation here by May 23 to vote in the primaries.



Wednesday, October 4, 2023 - 10:27

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