LA Times Writes of Possible "Liberal Supermajority" On LA Board of Supes

As CountyNews looks ahead to primary season, a piece in the LA Times caught our eye this weekend. The clickbait-y headline "This year's election could usher in liberal 'supermajority' on L.A. County supervisors board" the Times takes a look at two of the most high profile county elections set for June.

Indeed, the LA Board is in for signficant change, as multi-decade incumbents Don Knabe and Mike Anotonvich are set to term out. This is a once in a generation shift among the "five little kings" of LA County, and the board sees a potential supermajority of liberal Dems holding sway over the board, if Janice Hahn can successfully return from Washington to claim the 4th District seat. She'll face Knabe deupty and former Manhatthan Beach Mayor Steve Napolitano as well as Whittier School Board member in June. Most forecast Hahn, with her name name ID, as the favorite.

Fascinating will be the race to succeed Antonovich and hold what will likely be the sole Republican seat on the Board. The Times writes:

The eight contenders include Antonovich's chief of staff, Kathryn Barger; prosecutor Elan Carr; L.A. Councilman Mitch Englander; state Sen. Bob Huff; and Glendale Mayor Ara Najarian — all Republicans who have sought to establish themselves as champions of public safety and business-friendly initiatives. Three Democrats in the contest, Darrell Park, Billy Malone and Raj Pal Kahlon, have amassed relatively small amounts of money.

The Times also traces the shift alread seen on the Board in the 2014 cycle, with additions Hilda Solis and Shelia Kuehl. Whoever emerges in District 5 will face not only a 4-1 party disadvantage, but if Hahn is successful also three labor backed candidates. Also notably, A Hahn victory would usher in a female majority on the board. 

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