San Bernardino Supervisor: Welfare Fraud Not Being Handled Properly

San Bernardino’s welfare fraud problem has been improving ever since certain have been passed to deal with the issue.

However, District 1 Supervisor Robert Lovingood argues that this isn’t enough.

The numbers show that the DA’s Office has received about 70 percent less welfare fraud case referrals in the last three years. And the SB County Human Services Program Integrity Division has nearly tripled the number of referrals received.

According to the San Bernardino County Sun, several county agencies have created certain protocols to properly determine which cases will be sent to the DA and which will be sent to Human Services.

The hope is to recover more fund from the welfare fraud cases, as well as ensure that the right people are being prosecuted, according to Lovingood.

 “The District Attorney’s Office and Human Services are now communicating and working well together. I support the idea that welfare fraud investigators should be managed and supervised by a law enforcement officer, not a civilian,” Lovingood said in an email. “District Attorney Mike Ramos and I are committed that welfare fraud in San Bernardino County is a crime and will be vigorously prosecuted.”

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