A Transportation Tax Would Help Ventura and So Cal

Ventura City Council Member Carl Morehouse has written an op-ed for the Ventura County Star, highlighting the importance of a transportation tax.

The Southern California Association of Governments recently released their 2016-40 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy, outlining ways in which s more sustainable life can be possible for the economy and environment.

In response, Morehouse, a past president of SCAG, says Ventura County must invest in the plan in order “to remain economically competitive.” He cites the importance of the county as part of a whole, rather than just as individual entity.

“Ventura County's ability to retain its quality of life depends on a sustainable-cities plan throughout Southern California, a strategy addressed in the SCAG plan. And that plan considers the impacts on other concerns we have in Ventura County, including air and water quality and the amount of time we spend in our vehicles and not with our families.”

He calls on citizen to consider a small sales tax as an investment that would help the county as well as the rest of Southern California immensely.

“Southern California was once a place unspoiled by air pollution and traffic congestion. Without a plan, and a local funding mechanism to pay for that plan, we just keep creating a pressure cooker. It's time to change course and think about a future that we must create.”

Read his entire piece at the Ventura County Star.