Brush-Clearing Goats Sought in Tuolumne County

Welcome to the wonderful world of goats. Is there anything these creatures can’t do?

In January, we reported that the bovids were being used to dispose of old Christmas trees in San Francisco. Unfortunately, they eventually grew tired of the taste and refused to continue munching on the evergreens. Now comes word that the little buggers have also been using their brush-clearing skills to reduce fire hazards across drought-stricken California. In fact, they’re so effective that Tuolumne Community Resource Agency staff are looking to hire more to graze the landfill this summer.

“They are truly amazing,” rancher Jack Gardella recently told the Union Democrat. “They’d rather eat weeds and stuff than grass. We had about 40 acres and close to half it was mare’s tail. We tried spraying. We tried cutting. Nothing worked. Then we had the goats in there six to eight months and they got it.”

It’s no wonder local governments have decided to utilize their services. Last month, Ventura County officials released more than 450 goats onto the Simi Valley hillside for fire reduction purposes. Officials in Plymouth and Angels Camp have also caught on to the benefits.

There are 17 acres of land in need of grazing in Tuolumne. Whoever provides the billies will have to take care of their fencing, shade and water and remain on site to prevent attacks by other animals. Bids are due Tuesday by 2 p.m. So if you know of any goats who may be interested, click here.

Image Credit: Flickr User inspirefatephotography, via (CC BY 2.0)