Hundreds of Dead Voters Are Still Casting Ballots in California Elections

A record number of people are expected to cast ballots in California's primary Tuesday, but not all of them will necessarily be alive. A troubling investigation by CBS Los Angeles has uncovered numerous instances of voter fraud involving hundreds of so-called "zombie voters”—deceased individuals who have somehow managed to cast ballots in California elections year after year.

"It's very troubling because it basically dilutes the voice of the lawful voter," said Ellen Swensen of the national voters rights group, True the Vote.

The zombie voter phenomenon has been found in counties across the state, but the majority of cases are in Southern California (265) and Los Angeles County in particular (215). On Tuesday, L.A. supervisors called for a full investigation into the matter. They expect to hear back from the Registrar within 30 days.

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Image Credit: Flickr User thislushlife, via (CC BY 2.0)