Johnson Gill Named Head of Ventura County Health Agency

Johnson Gill is being promoted to Director of the Ventura County Health Agency eight months after he was hired as a deputy director for its Population Health and Clinical Integration services. Gill will replace retiring director Barry Fisher as head of the 3,000-employee agency—the largest in the county—and oversee an $818.7 million budget.

"In his time with the agency, Johnson has already proven to be adept at galvanizing a broad coalition of public and private community providers to develop groundbreaking proposals," said County Executive Officer Mike Powers, who announced the promotion Wednesday. "It's one thing to have a vision. He's great with vision, but he also has the ability ... to implement the vision.”

Gill cited the rapidly changing health care system as one of the most significant changes facing the county. The agency he will oversee underwent a recent expansion to accommodate changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act.

Gill has worked as a licensed physical therapist and part-time instructor at Loma Linda University. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree, Master of Physical Therapy Degree, Master of Public Health Degree and Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree, all from Loma Linda University. Before his work for the county, Gill was employed as Associate Hospital Administrator for the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in San Bernardino County.

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