Our Spookiest Stories: A Halloween Roundup

It’s not all elections and city council meetings at California County and City News. Occasionally, we cover stuff that goes bump in the night: strange sounds haunting California towns, machete-wielding clowns, conspiracy theories and more.

So without further a-BOO, here is a roundup of some of our spookiest stories in recent memory:

1. Mysterious Sounds Rattle California Town

2. Creepy Clowns Continue to Cause a Stir in Kern County

3. Creepy Clown Sightings Spread to Multiple Cities

4. Creepy Clown Phenomenon Makes Its Way to California, Dozens of Other States

5. CaliforniaCityNews Explores California’s Spooky Sites

6. Richmond City Council Tackles Aerial Mind Control

7. L.A. County’s Cloud Seeding Project is Getting Conspiracy Theorists All Worked Up

8. Shasta County Supervisors Vote to Investigate “Chemtrails”

9. The Most Haunted Cities in America, Ranked by Yahoo

Want more? Be sure to read this awesome article from Curbed LA on the ghosts of early California.

Happy Halloween!