Sacramento County Approves Settlement in Third Lawsuit Involving the Same Deputy

How many times can a single deputy be accused of excessive force before someone gets the boot?

That question has got to be weighing on the minds of Sacramento officials this week. They just approved a $200,000 payment to settle allegations of a flashlight beating by a sheriff’s deputy. But get this: it's the third time in six years that the officer has been accused of this very thing. It’s the second time the act has been caught on video.

The latest settlement involves allegations from last year. In 2014, the same deputy was also accused of beating a suspect with a flashlight. That resulted in a county payout of $150,000. Yet another lawsuit alleged he hit a woman in the back of the legs, again with his flashlight, while she entered a patrol car. That one resulted in a settlement of $20,000.

Department policy does allow the use of a flashlight under certain circumstances such as self-defense, but this deputy is averaging one beating every two years. Oddly enough, he remains on active duty. And he’s still carrying a flashlight.