County Prosecutor Who Falsified Confession ‘As a Joke’ Gets One-Year Suspension

Kern County Deputy District Attorney Robert Alan Murray will see his law license suspended for one year after admitting to falsifying a defendant’s confession because he thought it was funny. The suspension stems from a 2013 child molestation case; not exactly a situation conducive to jokes to begin with.

Murray has admitted to adding the following lines to a transcript of the suspect’s statement to police:

[Officer Martinez]: You’re so guilty you child molester.

[suspect]: I know. I’m just glad she’s not pregnant like her mother.

Murray claims he was just “playing a joke” on the public defender, but the Kern County Superior Court didn’t see it that way. Calling it an “outrageous” and “conscience-shocking” violation of the suspect’s constitutional rights, the court dismissed all charges in the case.

Both the Superior Court, the state Court of Appeal, and the State Bar believe Murray added the lines in an attempt to influence plea discussions. A judge recommended a suspension of just 30 days but the State Bar went higher, recommending a one-year suspension instead. That will go into effect once approved by the California Supreme Court.

As of Thursday, Murray was still employed by Kern County.

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