Lake County Jail Guards Sue County, Sheriff Over Gun Restrictions

A group of Lake County correctional officers have sued Sheriff Brian Martin and the county over gun rules that they say violate the terms of their contract and jeopardize their safety.

The officers are already prohibited from carrying firearms on duty inside the jail. But when they’re on duty outside of the jail, they should be able to carry, the plaintiff’s argue. However, in an email to correctional officers last March, Martin strictly limited when the officers can arm themselves. The directive said they could carry service weapons only when transporting prisoners, but not when traveling to and from work, stopping by the office, or walking on to jail grounds. The officers are also arguing that the sheriff has violated the terms of their contract by not waving all costs for obtaining concealed weapons permits that allow them to be armed off-duty.

The latest suit has spurred a separate dispute between the sheriff and the county. Martin wants Lake to pay for a private attorney to represent them, rather than county counsel. The county has refused.

Read more about the lawsuit and reactions here.



Monday, May 21, 2018 - 06:03

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