Monterey County Declares Itself a ‘Sanctuary County’

Are you keeping track of all the newly-minted sanctuary cities and counties? Don’t worry because we are. Monterey has joined the list.

At their board meeting on Tuesday, county supervisors voted 4-1 to approve a resolution that declares Monterey County as “a welcoming county to immigrants and refugees.”

The resolution was introduced by District 1 Supervisor Luis Alejo and takes a strong stance against President Trump’s three executive order bans on immigration. The resolution makes a number of points including no county resources can be used to assist in federal enforcement related to immigration. The resolution also aims to quell the growing fears and anxieties in the community, Alejo said.

This resolution is separate from one adopted at the end of January denouncing Trump’s immigration ban.

California continues to be a firebrand on this issue, in part because it hits so close to home. California Senate Pro Tem Kevin de Leon fears half his family could be deported.

Elsewhere, things are going more according to president’s plan. Miami-Dade, Florida made headlines on Friday after becoming the first major metropolitan area to drop its sanctuary policies for fear of losing federal funds.



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