San Diego Union-Tribune Blasts ‘Greedy’ San Diego Supervisors

The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board just ripped San Diego County supervisors a new one and it makes for an interesting read.

The Tribune was set off by a recent State of the County speech delivered by Board Chair Dianne Jacob in which she lamented the county’s fiscal woes, including a looming $100 million budget hole, rising pension costs and an inability to deal with crumbling infrastructure. As a result, San Diego may have to consider fewer employee benefits, Jacob warned.

But here’s the kicker: As County News reported last month, county supervisors (minus newcomer Kristin Gaspar) just voted to boost their own pay and benefits. The decision was made despite widespread opposition from labor groups and members of the public.

Some might call that gall. The Tribune prefers the term “abject greed.” And it will keep reminding county leaders at every turn.

“Every single time that [Supervisors] Jacob, Cox, Horn and Roberts ask county residents to pay more for or accept fewer county services, they will underline their contempt for taxpayers,” the editorial reads. “They didn’t just pad their pensions for life. They did it while making county residents’ lives worse.”

But there won’t be a major political price to pay. All four supervisors who voted for the pay and pension spikes will be termed-out by 2020.



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