California Mystery: Where Have Siskiyou County's Grey Wolves Gone?

The discovery of a pack of grey wolves in remote Siskiyou County energized California’s scientific community two years ago. But the seven beasts, dubbed “the Shasta pack,” have since vanished, and experts are trying to figure out where on earth they could possibly be.

State biologists haven’t seen the wolves since May. That’s out of character for the typically steady creatures who tend to stick to a territory once it’s claimed.

“We’re reasonably confident that last year they did not use the same area as a pack as they did the year before, and we don’t know why,” said Pete Figura, a senior environmental scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. “Why they were not detected anywhere else this past summer we don’t have a clear explanation for.”

The Shasta Pack were captured on video in August of 2015. With the exception of one sighting in 2011, it was the first time a grey wolf was seen in the state since 1924 when their population was exterminated from the California region.