Don’t Feed the Burros: Riverside County Poised to Ban Donkey Feeding to Protect Humans and Wildlife

The feeding of burros is evidently a major problem in Riverside County; so major, in fact, that it is spurring a countywide ordinance aimed at limiting contact with the gentle beasts. Animal Services was given permission by the Board of Supervisors last week to begin drafting an ordinance that would prohibit feeding the animals or encouraging them to come into populated areas.

"Burros generally inhabit the Reche Canyon and Pigeon Pass area (near Moreno Valley), but are now using roadways and railroad tracks to enter populated areas," noted Animal Services Director Bob Miller in his proposal. "The burros are enticed to move further into more urbanized neighborhoods by increased contact with humans by way of food left on the side of the road, or handed out vehicle windows directly to the animals."

Transportation officials have also flagged the animals as a matter of serious concern because they’re crossing busy roads and intersections in search of human food. These behaviors -- which differ vastly from their actions in the wild -- increase the risk of car accidents and other injuries to both human and burro.

So if you see a donkey in Riverside County, don’t be ass. Keep your distance.


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