San Diego Public Defender Retires

A Southern California public defender has concluded his 28-year journey serving the indigent in San Diego. Henry Corker retired as the county’s chief legal defender Thursday, eight years after taking the job.

Corker first joined the department in 1988, just one year after its initial creation.

"It’s a search for the truth, no matter what side you are," Coker said of the defender position. "I’ve interviewed everyone hired here for at least one hour. It’s critical to me—if they don’t satisfy me that they could do either job, I won’t hire them. I want critical thinkers. You can’t defend someone if you can’t conceive how to prosecute them."

Corker has already left the building. Randy Mize, who served under him as chief deputy public defender, has replaced him.

Read more about Corker’s tenure and retirement here



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