Botulism Outbreak Sickens Five in Sacramento

Sacramento County Public Health officials are issuing stark warnings after a rare outbreak of botulism sent five people to the hospital in serious condition. So far, the outbreak seems to be affecting a single location -- a gas station which has since been closed -- but officials aren’t taking any chances.

"Botulism is a very serious disease,” said public health officer Dr. Oliva Kasirye. “We are calling it an outbreak because botulism is rare.”

Botulism is one of the most dangerous forms of food poisoning there is. It is typically contracted from improperly canned foods. In infants, botulism can be also acquired from raw honey.

The largest outbreak in the past 40 years occurred in 2015. Improperly home-canned potatoes were implicated in that outbreak, according to the Centers for Disease Control

UPDATE: The outbreak has already caused one death and is now being linked to nacho cheese sauce that was being sold at the Valley Oak Food and Fuel gas station in Walnut Grove. 


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