Contra Costa Grand Jury Says It’s Time for District Attorney to Go

A civil grand jury has called for the removal of Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson amid revelations that he misused tens of thousands of dollars in campaign funds.

The Grand Jury document, which accuses Peterson of “willful or corrupt misconduct in office,” was released on Thursday. The following day, members of the District Attorney Association issued a vote of no-confidence in the DA.

Peterson has admitted to spending some $66,000 in campaign contributions on personal items like clothes, meals and movie tickets from 2011 to 2015. He was also fined by the Fair Political Practices Commission in January for multiple violations of the state’s political reform act.

"This is not acceptable," said Aron DeFerrari with the Contra Costa County District Attorney Association. "This situation is not acceptable and we do not agree with Mr. Peterson's actions. They do not represent the values we have as criminal prosecutors in Contra Costa County."

It is rare for the Grand Jury to recommend an elected official’s removal from office. The findings will now be presented to a judge who can choose to turn the case over a neighboring county DA or appoint a special prosecutor.

SF Gate and the East Bay Times have more on the story. 



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