L.A. Cockfighting Bust is the Largest in U.S. History

Authorities in Los Angeles County carried out the largest cockfighting ring bust in the nation’s history Monday, seizing 7,000 birds from a compound in Val Verde near Valencia. Members of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and animal welfare say 10 people were arrested. Other animals, including dogs, horses, a cow and goat, were also confiscated.

Sadly, despite its illegality, cockfighting continues to enjoy immense popularity in some parts of the state. As County News reported last year, Stanislaus County is one of the hotbeds for this vicious bloodsport. County leaders recently passed an ordinance limiting rooster ownership to clamp down on the practice there.

In addition to the cruelty aspect, law enforcement officials say cockfighting almost always occurs in tandem with other crimes like drug trafficking, theft and prostitution.

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