Mysterious Mailers Threaten to Expose People Who Don't Vote

Some Los Angeles County residents received bizarre letters Tuesday from a group calling itself the California Voter Awareness Project that threatened to expose anyone who failed to vote. Even more disturbing, the letters contained the individuals’ voting histories for the past three years, as well as those of their acquaintances and neighbors. Soon “other people you know will all know who voted and who did not vote,” the letter warned.

The letters contained no return address and no contact information for the group. Searches of the California Voter Awareness Project turn up no results.

A woman in Sylmar, a woman in Burbank, and a man in Westchester were among those who received the creepy mailer just before polls opened for a citywide election in L.A. According to the L.A. Times, the recipients all lived in one of two school board districts where fierce campaigns were being waged ahead of Tuesday’s election. It’s not clear if there is any real connection, however.

We’d love to see greater voter participation, but threats and intimidation probably aren’t the best way to go about it.


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