L.A. County Oks $3 Million to Help Immigrants Fight Deportation

Some undocumented immigrants facing threats of deportation can now count on Los Angeles County for help. In a 4 to 1 vote Tuesday, the County Board of Supervisors voted to move forward with a plan that would distribute $3 million dollars to the L.A. Justice Fund over the next three years. That money would help cover legal costs for immigrants facing deportation.

A day earlier, the city’s Budget and Finance Committee approved a similar action and the city council is expected to move forward on a plan Friday.

Kathryn Barger cast the dissenting vote. Taxpayers “should not be forced to bear the cost to provide free legal representation for those facing deportation,” she said.  

The Board’s move comes amid crippling homelessness, a housing crisis, and other significant economic and public safety challenges.

Under the plan, those convicted of violent felony offenses or those appealing a conviction for a violent felony will be ineligible for the funds. Immigrant advocacy groups wanted no exclusions whatsoever.