California’s Low Birth Rate is Worrying Experts. Here’s What You Should Know.

California’s plummeting birth rate is eliciting concern. Births per 1,000 women have declined across all age groups in every county in Southern California and are now at their lowest levels since the Great Depression.

There are three pieces worth reading on the subject today: a county-by-county breakdown showing where and how birth rates in California have dropped, this editorial by Ian Wheeler in the Daily News laying out some of the economic impacts, and another op-ed by Joel Kotkin aptly titled, “Is California anti-family?”  

Spoiler alert: yes.

Here are few conclusions we can draw:

• Birth rates are falling across the state, but the declines are most striking in Southern California.

• Astronomical housing prices have made the state an inhospitable place for young marrieds and people of child-bearing age.

• The trend poses a serious threat to California’s economic future, with demographers predicting a smaller workforce forced to support more retirees and increasingly strained entitlement programs.



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