Is it time to rethink police chases? L.A.'s Grand Jury says yes.

Those dramatic police chases may make for entertaining television, but they're putting the public at unnecessary risk, according to a new report from the L.A. County Grand Jury. The investigative body has recommended changes to the way L.A.'s public safety officers handle vehicle pursuits, most of which it says are prompted by relatively minor infractions to begin with.

The Grand Jury's report follows a startling analysis by the L.A. Times which showed civilian injuries resulting from one out of every 10 car chases initiated by the LAPD. Similarly, 17% of the chases over a 12-month period resulted in collisions, according to the Jury's report. There were 45 injuries.

"Is this the best balance that can be realized between law enforcement goals and the risk of unintended consequences?” the Jury asked.

It recommends that both the Los Angeles police and sheriff's departments revamp training on police pursuits and review their bases for chasing suspects.

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