The Least Friendly Cities and Counties for Commercial Marijuana

Maybe you're looking to get into the marijuana biz. Maybe you're a stickler for progressive policy. Maybe you just like to toke. Whatever the case, sometimes it helps to know which cities and counties seem intent on raining on the cannabis parade.

We present to you a guide. This one comes courtesy of Hilary Bricken, lawyer and editor of the Canna Law Blog. She recently ranked California’s least friendly municipalities when it comes to commercial marijuana.

You can check out Bricken’s full breakdown with explanations here. In the meantime, here’s her list of the 5 worst cities and counties for commercial cannabis in California:

1. Los Angeles County

2. City of Riverside

3. Orange Counties (including most of its cities)

4. Marin County

5. City of Pasadena

Data is compiled and reported by the Canna Law blog.