Riverside’s Treasurer-Tax Collector Lands Top Finance Job

Riverside County has filled a key executive position from within its ranks. Riverside County Treasurer-Tax Collector Don Kent has been named Chief Financial Officer for the County. Assistant Treasurer-Tax Collector Jon Christensen is expected to take over his current duties until a successor is chosen by voters in June 2018.

Kent will replace retiring Finance Officer Paul McDonnell on Aug. 3. The job pays as much as $283,427 a year compared to the Treasurer-Tax Collector position, which maxes out at about $195,000.

Kent was elected to the Treasurer-Tax Collector position in 2008, having previously served as an assistant investment officer. According to the county, he oversaw an $8 billion pooled investment fund that experienced no depositor losses during the recession of 2008.

Kent’s hiring comes at a strenuous time for county finances. Riverside’s budget is strained. Revenue has fallen behind a number of expanding costs, including increased pay for both union and non-union employees and fallout from a massive legal settlement over jail inmate health care. Private accounting firm KPMG was recently brought in to take a look at some of the problems and offer its advice.

Read more about Riverside County’s new finance officer and some of the challenges he’ll face here



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