Todd Spitzer Asks AG's Office Take Over His Corruption Probe

Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer is asking the State Attorney General to take over a political corruption investigation against him which is currently be handled by the county’s district attorney Tony Rackackaus. As County News reported Wednesday, Spitzer is now challenging Rackackus for D.A. Spitzer’s newfound status as a campaign opponent presents a clear conflict of interest, he said.

The Attorney General’s Office has not responded to requests for comment. Rackackaus’ team, meanwhile, says its investigation has been wholly appropriate and properly conducted.

“The Orange County District Attorney’s Office had a duty to investigate the numerous complaints made by several individuals that Todd Spitzer had engaged in political corruption,” said D.A. spokesman Michelle Van Der Linden.  

But just one day before Spitzer made his request, the Orange County Register reported on an internal memo stating the D.A.’s Office had found no evidence to support the corruption allegations. Spitzer says he was told the probe actually concluded 30 days ago with no findings of wrongdoing, but the D.A.’s Office will confirm no such thing.

The race between Rackackus and Spitzer is sure to be a heated one. The two have sparred, often publicly, since 2010 when Spitzer, a former county prosecutor, was fired by Rackackus.