Alameda County Sheriff’s Dept. Apologizes for White Supremacist Retweet

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department was left red-faced Monday after it accidentally retweeted a video by reviled white supremacist Richard Spencer. The mishap went unnoticed for some time, leaving many wondering why the Alameda Sheriff’s Office would be disseminating far right propaganda.

Here’s how it happened:

Sgt. Ray Kelly says he was conducting research on Spencer, who is planning to hold another alt-right rally in Berkeley later this month. The officer, who admits he isn’t very good on Twitter, then “hit a bunch of buttons at the bottom” of the video in an attempt to close the window. Instead, it appears he shared it with the department’s 10,000 followers. He couldn’t figure out how to delete it and had to have IT personnel take it down.

“It was a mistake, I deserve it on this one,” he said, but “it was an accident, and there was no ill will or bad intention.”

Spencer was one of the organizers of Saturday’s violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia which left one dead and dozens injured. Two Virginia police officers responding to the violence also lost their lives when their helicopter tragically crashed nearby.



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