California Just Turned 167. Let’s Celebrate With Some Knowledge.

California was admitted into the Union 167 years ago Saturday, so happy belated birthday to the Golden State!

The O.C. Register ran a list of things for Californians to celebrate, including our surplus of national parks (280 to be exact) and the fact that we’re home to three of the top universities in the world: Stanford, UC Berkeley and Caltech. Also, did you know we have an official state fossil? It’s the Smilodon californicus, also known as the saber-toothed cat.


"Admission Day" has been celebrated for over 100 years, but was formally proclaimed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2016

Begging for more? After the O.C. Register article, we were too. Check out some California trivia at and see how many can you can get right.



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