Orange County Reaches Settlement With Former Spitzer Aide

Orange County has reached a legal settlement with a former aide to Supervisor Todd Spitzer who claimed Spitzer placed unreasonable burdens on her, unfairly docked her pay, and subjected her to a "raging temper” while she was in his employ. The $150,000 payout will resolve legal claims that Spitzer violated the Federal Labor Standards Act.

Spitzer still denies the charges, calling them “disheartening, misleading, and simply untrue.” But a memo he sent the plaintiff, Christine Richters, and the rest of his staff didn’t help his case.

All text messages “are to be responded to within 15 minutes of receipt unless there is an overriding excuse,” states the communiqué, which was included as evidence. An hour of pay would be docked for those who violate the rule.

Spitzer has said he takes his constituents’ needs seriously and merely expects the same of his staff. His office called Tuesday’s settlement the result of “a technical issue surrounding overtime exemptions and at-will employment.”



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