San Diego Launches Zika Awareness Campaign

The Zika virus may have faded somewhat from national headlines since the height of panic last year, but it’s still a very real threat as far as public health officials are concerned. San Diego County is now embarking on a large-scale campaign to warn the public that Zika is alive and well, while urging residents to take precautions.

The outreach effort includes TV commercials, radio ads, bus stop signs and billboards. It is intended for all county residents, but especially pregnant women or women considering becoming pregnant in the near future. Overseas travelers are also a prime target for the ads.

“The fight against mosquito borne illnesses, including West Nile Virus and Zika, starts with you,” proclaims one of the recent TV ads. “Prevent mosquitos from breeding by dumping out standing water. Protect yourself from mosquitos with repellant and proper clothing.”

The ad directs viewers to the county’s vector control information site,  

Ten people have tested positive for Zika in the county this year, but in all cases the virus was contracted overseas. Public officials have consistently warned that Zika-transmitting mosquitos could soon become a reality in the United States. So far, the threat has not materialized.



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