Siskiyou Declares Cannabis Cultivation Emergency

Illegal marijuana cultivation in Siskiyou County has reached crisis levels. With the situation eclipsing local law enforcement’s abilities, the county has now officially declared a state of emergency.  

Siskiyou Sheriff John Lopey appeared before the Board of Supervisors Tuesday to urge a yes vote on the proclamation. Just recently, Lopey was approached by two illegal marijuana growers who attempted to bribe him with $1 million.  

It isn’t just drug cultivation and use Lopey is worried about. The grows pose a number of hazards, including environmental waste and degradation as well as other threats to public health and safety.

The emergency proclamation paves the way for further assistance from state and federal officials. Some members of the community who spoke in opposition to the resolution said they feared it could be used as a pretext for draconian actions by government authorities.



Monday, September 10, 2018 - 03:08

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