After Weinstein Scandal, California Lawmakers Say “Me Too”

Female lawmakers and lobbyists in the state’s capital have joined a chorus of women nationwide who say they too have been victims of sexual harassment or assault. Their allegations were exposed in a public letter Tuesday -- part of a massive campaign of women coming forward to share their experiences of past abuse in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal

The letter was signed by more than 140 women, including 26 state legislators, two retired lawmakers, staff members, a former Board of Equalization member, and political consultants and lobbyists.

“As women leaders in politics, in a state that postures itself as a leader in justice and equality, you might assume our experience has been different,” the letter reads. “It has not. Each of us has endured, or witnessed or worked with women who have experienced some form of dehumanizing behavior by men with power in our workplaces.”

Weinstein is one of Hollywood’s most formidable producers and the co-founder of entertainment giant Miramax. He has been accused of harassing, assaulting or even raping over a dozen women during his career.

In the wake of allegations, women far and wide took to social media to demonstrate the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault with the utterance of two simple words: “me too.”



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