L.A. County Will Replace Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples Day

Two years from now, this day will officially be recognized by L.A. County as Indigenous Peoples Day -- or at least the second Monday in October will be. That’s Oct. 14 in 2019.

Supervisors approved a motion Tuesday recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day as an official holiday that will replace Columbus Day in L.A. County. They were following in the footsteps of the City of L.A. which made a similar move in August. But unlike the city, they’ll also recognize Italian heritage on Oct. 12.

The change won’t take place right away. They’re giving it an effective start of no later than 2019. At that point, all references to Christopher Columbus Day on official county documents will be scrubbed.

Hilda Solis said it isn’t about “erasing history,” but recognizing the oppression of certain groups and trying to build a more cohesive future going forward. She and Sheila Kuehl authored the motion. It passed 4 to 1 with Kathryn Barger opposing.



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