New Report Maps Life Expectancies Across L.A. County

Life expectancy is one of the most revealing measurements of a community’s overall wellbeing. It can tell us a lot about air quality, safety, economics, and access to health care services in a particular area.

That brings us to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Social Science Research Council, which has just released a report on life expectancies for 106 cities and unincorporated neighborhoods in L.A.

The report, The Highway to Health: Life Expectancy in Los Angeles County, puts the county’s average life expectancy at 82.1 years for a child born in 2014, higher than the national average of 78.8. But city by city, there’s a gap that can range as much as 15 years.

The top five communities in L.A. County with the longest life expectancies were as follows:

1. Walnut Park (90.5 years)

2. Malibu (89.8 years)

3. Castaic (88.9 years)

4. Rowland Heights (87.0 years)

5. Rancho Palos Verdes (86.7 years)

As for the bottom five:

1. Lancaster (76.4 years)

2. Westmont (76.3 years)

3. Lake Los Angeles (76.2 years)

4. East Rancho Dominguez (76.1 years)

5. Sun Village (75.8 years)

Read the full report and see an interactive data map here