San Bernardino County Counsel to Retire

San Bernardino County Counsel Jean-Rene Basle will step down from the job after 28 years of service to the county. Basle recently announced his retirement, contingent on the hiring of a successor.

“It has been an honor working for the Board of Supervisors, the Administrative Office, and the various county departments, and a privilege to have worked alongside County Counsel staff, all of whom are exceptionally professional, talented, and dedicated to serving the elected representatives of San Bernardino County,” Basle said in a statement.

Basle was named to his current position as County Counsel in October of 2010. He helped “guide the county through some rocky legal issues” during that time, said Supervisor Janice Rutherford.

“I will certainly miss his wise counsel as well as his wonderful sense of humor,” she added.

Read more about Basle’s announcement here



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