Here’s What We Know About the Legionnaire’s Outbreak in Orange County

Fifteen cases of the potentially deadly Legionnaires Disease have been reported in Orange County, California. Two of the individuals have died. Here is what we know about the outbreak so far:

• Eleven out of fifteen people contracted the disease after visiting Disneyland between late August and November of this year. They range in ages 52 to 94.

• Disneyland learned of the cases on Oct. 27 and shut down two cooling towers that they suspected could be the source of the outbreak. The cooling towers were disinfected. Samples were taken from the towers this month but showed no abnormalities.

• Public health officials suspect the outbreak originated at Disneyland, but can’t be sure. They are investigating other businesses around the park as well.

• The cooling towers, which are part of the park’s air conditioning system, cannot be ruled out as a cause of the outbreak.

Legionnaires Disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. It is spread through water droplets, typically emitted from industrial air conditioning units. It is not believed to be transmitted person-to-person.

CBS and NBC news have more on this developing story.