Hundreds of Marijuana Permits Have Been Sought in Stanislaus

So far, it looks like Stanislaus County’s efforts to enlist legal marijuana businesses has been a rousing success. Between Oct. 2 and Oct. 20, the county saw 120 people applying for a total of 464 cannabis permits for dispensaries, grows, manufacturing facilities and testing labs. To apply, they each had to fork over a non-refundable deposit of $4,359.

Ultimately though, more than a few will go home empty-handed. There is a limit of just 61 cannabis permits in unincorporated parts of the county and retail dispensaries will be capped at seven. The permits that do get dolled out will not be available by Jan. 1.

Assistant Executive Officer Keith Boggs says he wasn’t surprised by the swarm.

“I thought it might be even more,” he said. “This industry is clamoring for validation.”

As the industry clamors for validation, the county is clamoring for the cash. Stanislaus is expected to rake in $4 million to $7 million in fees from marijuana operations.



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