Madera County D.A. Censured, Asked to Resign

Well, they did it.

On Monday, the Madera County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to censure District Attorney David Linn for harassment, abuse and discrimination on the job. They called on him to resign too but the top prosecutor flatly refused, characterizing the entire ordeal as a politically-motivated hit job.

As County News noted Monday, the allegations against Linn were investigated by an independent law firm which found them to be credible. The findings from their investigation were released Monday and the details are shocking.

Among other things, Linn is accused of using the n-word, referring to a deputy D.A. as “brown sugar,” and calling another a “pig.” Linn is described as hot-tempered, cruel, and misogynistic by the complaining parties.   

Supervisors David Rogers and Brett Frazier also cast doubt on Linn’s assertion that they’re exacting revenge because they’re targets of a D.A. investigation.

“His charges of corruption don’t meet the muster,” Rogers said. “He’s a bully.”

Despite Linn’s denials, the Madera County Prosecutors Association has already withdrawn its support for his re-election campaign. 



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