O.C. Human Relations Director Announces Retirement

Major changes are already in the works for Orange County’s Human Relations Commission. One development sure to expedite them: the retirement of longtime director Rusty Kennedy.

Kennedy, 65, announced his decision to step down from the body this week. Deputy Director Alison Edwards will take over on Dec. 20.

The moon landing wasn’t even a decade old when Kennedy first joined the OCHRC in 1977. He became the executive director in 1981.

“During these years, I’ve been both vilified and celebrated,” Kennedy said. “But the one thing I can say with confidence is I’ve never been through uninteresting times.”

The OCHRC has been the subject of great scrutiny and criticism. As County News reported earlier this month, the Board of Supervisors has voted to take direct control over a chunk of its staff

Kennedy says these recent actions by the Board are not why he’s retiring.



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